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Archie Comics


Heroes In A Half-Shell!

The Archie series' pilot mini-series was a adaptation of the five-part cartoon mini-series that started the TMNT cartoon. Written and penciled by the mega-talented Michael Dooney, these have got to be some of the best Archie comics.

Part 1

Chapter One

April O'Neil, channel 6 reporter, was just finishing up a report on a very mysterious case. Three scientific equipment companies had been robbed and experts had said the work was done by ninjas. April decided if she staked out another scientific company, she'd be sure to crack the case. Just as she had thought, something happened. A band of thugs came with a message from their boss, for April. It was more of a threat than a message, and April took off running. Squeezing through a storm drain, April fell into the sewers. The thugs still followed, and April ran through the sewers until she rammed into a wall. The thugs came upon her and were about to inflict some serious pain when four shadowed creatures came to her rescue. They disarmed and knocked out her attackers without much effort, and seemed to be enjoying it. Still quite dizzy from her recent meeting with the wall, April stood up to thank the creatures that were lingering in the shadows. When they came closer April received a shock. They weren't human! Not only that, they were turtles! April passed out, and had to be carried away.

April woke up later, further and deeper into the sewers. And as if she hadn't been through enough that day, a giant rat offered her some tea. Just as she was recovering from yet another shock, one of the turtles came in with three pizzas. He announced there was plenty of pepperoni and ice cream, jelly bean and mushroom, and his personal favorite, anchovies and peanut butter pizzas for everyone. (Did anyone else notice that Mikey couldn't stand anchovies in the movies but loved them here?) Seriously grossed out, April tried to get a little info about her rescuers. The giant rat, whose name was Splinter, told April their story, and how they came to be.

April listened as Splinter told her of a man named Hamato Yoshi. Yoshi was a quiet man who lived in Japan. Yoshi taught the warrior ways of enlightenment to his students, members of the Foot Clan. He had a rival though, a man named Oroku Saki. Saki tricked a visiting teacher into thinking Yoshi was plotting against him. Yoshi was banished from the Foot Clan in disgrace. Saki took over teaching, and the honorable Foot Clan turned to a life of crime. Yoshi fled to America where he lived alone in the sewers. His only friends were some rats and four baby turtles that had fallen down the storm drain. One day, Yoshi found the turtles covered in a strange glowing ooze. He later found out that it was a powerful mutagen that caused whatever touched it to take on the form of whatever animal it had most recently been in contact with. The turtles had most recently been in contact with Yoshi, making them take on a human form. But Yoshi had most recently been in contact with the rats. April figured out that Splinter was really Hamato Yoshi, and Splinter/Yoshi continued his story. Knowing the Turtles would be outcasts, he trained the Turtles in the way of ninjitsu. The Turtles named him Splinter, and he, being very fond of art, named the Turtles after his favorite painters. April was then introduced to Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael; the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

April asked if they knew who had dumped the mutagen on them, but they didn't. After a few minutes, April decided the Turtles were the robbers she had been searching for and tried to leave, but Donatello convinced her that they couldn't possibly be the robbers, because even though the robbers were ninjas, they weren't turtles. But to April, the Turtles were still news. The Turtles agreed to help April find the real robbers if she didn't reveal them to the world.

Somewhere else in the city, the band of thugs stood before a man covered with samurai armor, and tried to explain what had happened to them the last night. The thugs told the man, Shredder, the whole story. Shredder demanded to know if the creatures who had defeated them were turtles. The thugs weren't sure, but that wasn't good enough for Shredder.

Meanwhile, the Turtles and April found a matchbox with the address of a pizza parlor on it. Since it was their only clue, they headed up to the surface. The Turtles got some disguises and went to the pizza parlor for a meal before checking things out. April went out to look for clues and came to a security service. She stood in the door and listened. She found out that the security service were actually the ones stealing from the scientific companies. She went to call her boss so she could tell him, but some dark clad men took her. The Turtles went out to look for her later and followed a trail to a rooftop where a bunch of ninjas were waiting for them. They fought the ninjas, only to find out that the ninjas were only robots. They turned the robots into spare parts, freed April from the ninja robots, and followed the remaining ninjas as they fled to a nearby building. Shredder's face appears on a screen, and tells all the Foot bots to head to the Technodrome. The Turtles and April head down, hoping to find the Technodrome. The Foot robots turn on the water valves to full blast and leave the Turtles and April to swim to safety. They make it out of the building just as it erupts with water.

The Turtles return to Splinter, showing him the uniforms the ninjas wore. Splinter says it is the uniform of the Foot Clan and that Saki must be nearby. Promising that they'd take Shredder on if he dared to show his face, er... mask, the Turtles sat down to a well-deserved pizza.

Chapter Two

The Turtles and April continued their search for the Technodrome the next day, and when they came right beneath the building that had flooded, they saw that the Technodrome had gotten away. While the Turtles were stumped as to where the Technodrome could be, Shredder was in his Technodrome, making a clean getaway. A voice ordered Shredder to report to him, and Shredder did so. The voice came from a being named Krang, who was nothing but a large brain with eyes, a mouth, and tentacles. Shredder, really Oroku Saki, had struck a bargain with Krang. Krang would give him technical knowledge, while Shredder would make Krang a body, and together they would take over the world. Krang demanded that Shredder/Saki hold up his end of the bargain and make him a body. Shredder complained about the Turtles, and how they were getting too close to the operation. Krang said it was Shredder's fault that the Turtles even existed, because Shredder was the one who poured the experimental mutagen down the drain in hopes of killing Yoshi. Shredder decided to mutate his own people to fight the Turtles.

Meanwhile, the Turtles continued searching for the Technodrome, but with Splinter helping this time. April left to check the newsroom for any possible lead on the Technodrome's whereabouts, so the Turtles continued on without her. They soon find out that there was a cave in, and only Splinter can get through.

In Central Park Zoo, two robots dug out of the ground. They used lasers to free two animals, a boar and a rhino, and took them down the hole.

Back inside the Technodrome, Shredder tried to convince some of the thugs to volunteer for an experiment. He finally got two thugs, and took them into a lab, while the robots brought in the animals they had stolen from the zoo.

The Turtles decided to let Splinter bury through the cave-in and went to see April at work. April informed them of the zoo robbery and that she thought there was a possible connection between Shredder and the zoo. The Turtles head over to check out any clues.

Splinter finished burying through the cave-in and found the Technodrome. A robot took him hostage, and Splinter dropped his walking stick.

Meanwhile, at the zoo, the Turtles dropped down the hole made by the robots, and found the Technodrome. They saw Splinter's walking stick, and even knowing it might be a trap, they went inside. They headed down a hallway until they came to a room. They went inside only to be greeted by an army of large robots. With no way out, the only thing left to do was fight...

To be continued...

Part 2

Chapter Two... Continued...

"Moments after entering the Technodrome in search of their Ninja Master, our heroes come face to face with... robots!"

Leonardo gave the order to attack, and attack the Turtles did. After defeating all the robots with ease, the Turtles left in search of Master Splinter. Donatello saw a power pack dropped by a robot and picked it up. They left, and once they were in a hallway, the door ahead of them slammed shut. They turned around to go back, but to their horror, a huge rolling pin with spikes came rolling towards them. With nowhere to go, they ran toward the dead end, with the killer rolling pin in hot pursuit. Thinking quickly, Donatello took the power pack and stuck it to the sealed door. Leonardo threw a shuriken at it, and it exploded, making a hole big enough to get through. Just as everyone was through, the killer rolling pin slammed against the hole. Lying on the ground catching his breath, Raphael spotted Master Splinter tied on a rope hanging from the ceiling. Just as the Turtles were trying to think of ways to get him down, Shredder entered the room, bringing several ninja robots with him. He told the Turtle that passed the test, and they asked he was talking about. He then told them that they had proved themselves worthy to join the Foot Clan. Raphael replied sarcastically, "Does the phrase 'go suck a lemon' hold any meaning for you?" Shredder then called in his new mutants, Bebop and Rocksteady. The Turtles jumped up and held on the rope holding Master Splinter, and the mutants below crashed into each other, knocking themselves out. The Turtles cut Splinter down and defeated some Foot Soldiers on the way out.

Back on the surface, the Turtles climb out of the hole with Splinter. Splinter is very weak, and Leonardo sets him down on a park bench. Just as the Turtles were beginning to catch their breath, Bebop and Rocksteady drilled through the ground, wanting to battle. The Turtles disarmed them and tricked them into going into an empty zoo cage. Once they were locked up, April arrived on the scene. Raphael told her that she missed most of the fun, but she should get a look at the "goons" in the cage. April, the Turtles, and Splinter loaded up in April's van and headed to the Turtles' lair. Meanwhile, back in the zoo, Bebop and Rocksteady yelling and calling with all their might. When help finally did come, it was unwelcome. One of Shredder's drilling robots, a Roadkill Rodney, cut through the bars with his laser, and told the dumb mutants that Shredder wanted to see them. Bebop and Rocksteady looked at each other nervously and asked to please be left in the cage.

Chapter Three

Back in the Turtles' sewer lair, Splinter rested while the Turtles stood by him. April declared Splinter would be fine, and just needed rest. Leonardo asked April to stay with Splinter while he and his brothers headed out to find Shredder and make him pay for what he had done.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned mansion somewhere downtown, Shredder intently watched something his surveillance cameras picked up. An inventor, Baxter Stockman, made a pitch for his latest invention, the Mouser. Baxter's robot Mouser would be able to rid the city of its rat problem by following its sensors to the rat, and then destroying it. The owner of the exterminator company Baxter was pitching his idea to wasn't impressed. He threw Baxter out, saying that if he produced the Mousers, it would totally exterminate the rats, putting him out of work. Shredder turned off the screen and headed out to meet Baxter, for he thought that the Mousers could rid him is his own rat problem, a rat named Splinter. Shredder met up with Baxter, just as Baxter was sadly leaving the exterminators. Shredder said he wants to produce Stockman's Mousers on a vast scale, and Baxter accepted.

The Turtles walked up and down the sewers looking for any sign of the Technodrome. The boys are tired, but Leo reminded them that finding Shredder is the only hope of getting Splinter returned back to his human form.

Back in the abandoned mansion, Baxter set up the computers to make the Mousers on a "vast scale". Shredder ordered him to make a master control for the Mousers, because Shredder was going to make hundreds of the robots. Just as Shredder had started programming the twelve Mousers that had been finished, Krang called him. Shredder muttered about Krang's "perfect timing", but he went to see the warlord. Krang yelled and asked why Shredder was messing with mousetraps when he was supposed to give him a body. Shredder said he couldn't until Hamato Yoshi and his Turtles were destroyed. Krang replied that there wouldn't be a problem if he had body. Shredded shook his head. It was his fight, not Krang's. As Shredder left, Krang yelled after him, "Those Turtles have defeated you before, Saki! I hope you fail again and again until you have no choice but to give me a body!" Shredder went back to programming the Mousers, and when he had finished, he sent the first twelve after Splinter.

Back in the Turtles' sewer lair, Splinter was just waking up. April was with him, and asked him how he was feeling. He said he was feeling a bit better, but Shredder had given him quite a going over. April had spent too much time down in the sewers, and told Splinter she was going home for awhile, but she'd be back. As Splinter closed his eyes to meditate, he heard a low chomping sound. Suddenly the twelve Mousers broke through the wall and headed toward Splinter. He took out a few, but he was still weak, and there were too many. Just as suddenly as the Mousers had appeared, the Turtles came through the door. They made short work out of the remaining Mousers, and then inspected the remains for any clues. Donatello noticed that on the bottom of on the robots were the words "Baxter Stockman Inventions". Don asked what kind of idiot would put his name on a killing machine, to which Raphael volunteered, "One with an ego problem?" Leo said he could practically smell the Shredder behind it, so Splinter suggested that they use April's skills as a reporter to help them find out about Stockman, and they all headed to April's apartment.

Shredder screamed in rage. "My Mousers destroyed by reptiles!" He shouted. "They beat twelve of my robots, but they'll never be able to beat twelve hundred!"

The Turtles had just arrived at April's, but she wasn't too happy about seeing them again so soon. April looked up Stockman on her computer and came up with a picture and an address. She gave both to the Turtles, and asked them to leave Splinter with her to rest.

Back at the mansion, Baxter had just finished the master control for the Mousers, hadn't slept all night, and wanted to go home. After Stockman had left, Shredder told some of his Foot Soldiers to put Stockman out of the way because he knew too much. He then turned to the Mousers' master control and told them to seek out April, Splinter, and the Turtles, and destroy them all.

Baxter was just heading up the steps to his house when two Foot Soldiers came up behind him. The Turtles, who had been waiting in the shadows, jumped out and destroyed the Foot bots. They tied up Baxter, and made him talk. He told them he had a control for the mousers, but it didn't work if the master control was still intact, and that Shredder had hundreds of Mousers now. He told them, with a little convincing from Raphael, where Shredder's hideout was, and the Turtles jumped into Baxter's van and headed to the mansion. It suddenly dawned on them how quickly the first mousers had found Splinter, and now that there were hundreds, they were probably going after Splinter again. They turned the van around and raced back to April's apartment.

April woke Splinter up to tell him there was something chewing at the walls. When the Mousers came through, Splinter used his walking stick to hit them, while April used a frying pan. Just as April told Splinter it was swell knowing him, the Turtles came to the rescue through the window. It was no use to try and fight the Mousers, there were too many. So the Turtles, one carrying April, and Splinter, escaped on the ropes the Turtles had used to get into the apartment. They escaped and headed to the mansion in Baxter's van.

Once they got there, they knew they had to take the master control out before the Mousers destroyed everything, including them. Michaelangelo said that one turtle would have a better chance of getting in and taking out the master control than four, so he went in alone. Even though he was careful, Shredder saw him, and tied him up and stuck him in a room. Shredder told the Mousers to get the Turtles, April, and Splinter, who were outside waiting for Michaelangelo.

Outside, Leo was desperately trying to get the control to work, but since Mike hadn't turned off the control inside, the Mousers came after them.

Inside, Mike trying to free himself, knowing what would happen if he didn't. Two pink tentacles started untying his ropes and Mike looked down to see a large brain taking off his ropes. The brain told him that the master control was upstairs, and to go and destroy it. "Why should I believe a talking brain?" Mike asked. The brain told him there wasn't much time, and to go quickly and destroy the control. Mike ran out.

Outside, the Turtles, Splinter, and April had climbed on top of the van in hopes of staying safe from the Mousers.

Inside, Mike came in the control room, surprising Shredder. He tricked Shredder into shooting at the master control, destroying it.

Back outside, Leo got the Mousers to stop, and using Baxter's control, he gave them new marching orders. The Mousers obeyed and headed toward to mansion.

Back inside, Shredder and Krang escaped through an elevator type device, while Mike is left there. The Mousers chewed the building apart, causing it to collapse.

The Turtles called for their brother in the rubble, but didn't hear him. Leo saw Mike's feet sticking out from under some broken wood, and the Turtles raced over. Leonardo asked if Mike was okay and lifted the wood off his fallen brother. When the last bit was removed Michaelangelo looked up and smiled, saying he just loved hide and seek. Raphael looked down the hole that Shredder and Krang had gone down and sighed. The Technodrome was gone again. As everyone loaded up into the van, Mike told them about the weird talking brain he saw. No one believed him, and Raphael said, "Michaelangelo, I think that you've finally had one pizza too many!"

Chapter Four

The Turtles returned to Baxter's house, where Donatello, using the various parts in Baxter's workshop, turned the van into a tracking station to hunt down the Technodrome.

Deep under the city where the Technodrome was hiding, Krang yelled at Shredder. He said Shredder was an idiot, and couldn't even beat some turtles. Krang said that his Stone Warriors were waiting in Dimension X to come to Earth, but he couldn't let them see him like that. He wanted a body. Shredder totally ignored him, saying that since Dimension X was a place of total war, he could pull all kind of weapons through the trans-dimensional portal to get rid of the Turtles. Krang called after him that there was no telling what could come through the portal, and not to do it, but Shredder continued to ignore him.

Back at Baxter's Donatello finished the Turtle Van, and they raced over to where the sensors said the Technodrome was. The Turtles let out a "cowabunga", their battle cry.

Back in the Technodrome, Shredder opened the portal with hopes of getting all the powerful weapons of Dimension X. Instead, two flying cars came through, and blasted their way through to the outside before Shredder could stop them. Then a flying jeep containing two of Krang's stone warriors came through, following the path the cars took.

To be continued...

Part 3

Chapter Four... Continued...

"Hoping for a way to destroy the Turtles, the evil Shredder has opened a gateway to Dimension X. Seconds ago, two strange vehicles came through, and now..."

Krang's stone warriors flew through the portal, chasing after the previous cars. But on their path to follow the cars, the stone warriors crashed their flying jeep into one of the Technodrome walls. Meanwhile, the other mysterious vehicles blasted their way through the outer wall, freeing themselves from the Technodrome. Back inside, Shredder brought the stone warriors to see Krang.

Directly above them, the Turtles and April followed Don's sensors. Just as the Turtles were about to go down into a subway to find Shredder, two flying cars burst out of the subway entrance.

The stone warriors went in to see Krang, and Krang asked what they were doing there. General Traag, the head stone warrior, told Krang that some Neutrinos had escaped. Krang yelled at the Shredder for being so careless. but the Shredder had no idea what a Neutrino was, and didn't like being yelled at about it. Shredder asked exactly what a Neutrino was. Krang explained, "They're juvenile delinquents from Dimension X! They hate war! They are a threat to everything we stand for! And worse... they encourage people to have fun! They must be stopped!"

Seeing the flying cars and thinking that was a bit suspicious, the Turtles followed the cars, launched themselves at it, landed in it, and forced the drivers to land. After talking with the drivers for a few minutes, they found out that they were three Neutrinos from Dimensions X. The Neutrinos, the fun-loving teenagers of Dimension X, had been flying along in their car, followed by the evil stone warriors, when all of the sudden they had appeared in a big room and saw a "weirdo in a metal mask" before escaping. They all decided they were on the same side, and the Turtles took the Neutrinos to an arcade. Just a little while later, a stone warrior tank burst through the wall and the soldiers inside demanded that the Neutrinos come out. The Turtles and the Neutrinos jumped in their cars and battled the stone warriors. But as soon as the police arrived on the scene, the Turtles and their new friends vanished without a trace. Meanwhile, the stone warriors were still outside the arcade. General Traag threw a ball-sized device in the air, which was a weather maker set for total chaos.

Back in the Turtles' lair, the Turtles, the Neutrinos, and April were telling Splinter what had happened. Splinter said that that the "Krang" the Neutrinos kept talking about sounded just like the brain Michaelangelo had seen in the old mansion. Michaelangelo grinned. "Yeah, dudes...An' you thought I was nuts!" April put two and two together and said that if Shredder was working with Krang, then that explained where he was getting all his hi-tech stuff. April said that they needed to get Krang and send him to Dimension X for good, to which Donatello asked sarcastically, "Oh, is that all?"

Outside, the gang, on route to the Technodrome, noticed it was snowing. The Neutrinos said it could only be a stone warriors weather maker, and it would destroy the city soon. The Turtles had other things on their minds, and said they'd have to deal with it later.

Once they had reached the Technodrome, the Turtles made April stay behind because it was too dangerous. April was mad, but agreed. Using the Neutrinos flying cars, the Turtles entered through the hold the Neutrinos had made earlier. They found the portal, and Donatello started working on it, trying to open it, while Leonardo guarded his back. Raphael and Michaelangelo stayed with the Neutrinos and tried to get to Krang, but he had a forcefield around him. Don got the portal open, and the Turtles pushed the stone warriors in. After short goodbyes, the Neutrinos also went through the portal, leaving the Turtles with one of their flying cars. The Turtles raced out of the Technodrome, figuring that the weather maker was probably tearing up the city. They drove as close to it as possible, and then Leonardo jumped out and sliced the weather maker, blowing it to kingdom come. Mikey swerved the car around and caught Leo, and the boys congratulated each other on a job well done.

Back in the Technodrome, Shredder was furious. He turned to Krang. "All right, Krang! I'll complete your new body if that's what it takes to destroy the Turtles once and for all!" Shredder said, shaking his fists. Krang smiled happily.

Chapter Five

Some time later, back in the sewers, Splinter told the Turtles that it was time for him to fight his old enemy. Leonardo was just about to agree when an awful screeching sound filled the sewer. The Turtles found that the sound was coming from the TV, when the Shredder's face suddenly appeared. The screeching stopped, and Shredder began to speak. Pointing a gun at one of his mutants, he said, "Greetings, Turtles! What I have in my hand is a retro-mutogen gun... a device which undoes mutations! Like so!" He pulled the trigger and the mutant bat on the screen became human again. Shredder turned back to the screen. "This is the only thing which can restore Splinter to the form of Hamato Yoshi! If you want it, come and get it!" Then the screen went blank. The Turtles were eager to retrieve the gun for their master, but Splinter stopped them. He quickly explained that it could return him to his human form, but it would turn them back into ordinary turtles!

In the Technodrome, Shredder ordered Bebop and Rocksteady to stop the Turtles and Splinter, because they were heading that way. Bebop and Rocksteady happily obeyed.

The Turtles and Splinter were making their way to the Technodrome using the flying car left by the Neutrinos, when suddenly the car ran out of fuel. Don looked under the hood and announced that the car took plutonium and it wasn't going anywhere. Since they needed the weapons on the car, Don rushed back to Baxter's house where he had seen something that would help. He ran off, saying he'd meet them at the Technodrome. Only about 3.5 seconds after Donatello left, Bebop and Rocksteady grabbed the remaining Turtles and Splinter and held them up above the ground. Bebop and Rocksteady threw the Turtles into a dumpster, but Bebop held on to Master Splinter, his grip tightening on the rat's neck. Just as Bebop was about to do our favorite rat-type sensei in, Raphael pushed the dumpster into Bebop, knocking Splinter free and knocking Bebop into the dumpster. The Turtles then made short work of Bebop and Rocksteady, and headed to the Technodrome.

At the Technodrome, Shredder and Krang were getting Krang's new body ready. Krang added a circuit into it, calling it a "molecular amplification circuit". Shredder put Krang in the android body and said that Krang would feel a little disorientated at first. Krang nodded and went to sleep as Shredder flipped the switch to activate the body. An alert sounded, saying the Turtles were outside. Shredder was a little worried, because Krang was still unconscious, so he ordered the Foot Soldiers to stop the Turtles.

Outside, the Turtles were climbing their way up to the hold the Neutrinos blasted through the wall when the Foot Soldiers arrived. Splinter was already to the top, but before the rest of them could make it, a laser fried the rope and sent the Turtles to the ground. Splinter wished the Turtles luck and disappeared inside.

In Baxter's lab, Donatello was working feverishly. He hoped his brothers were doing okay, and went back to work.

Don's brothers were doing better than okay. They had defeated all of the Foot Soldiers and were heading into the Technodrome.

In the Technodrome, Krang had just woken up. He got up and went to the Dimensional portal to call his troops to Earth.

The Turtles were running down one of the Technodrome's halls when Raphael spotted the room with the Dimensional portal on one of the many viewscreens. They saw Krang calling his troops, and hurried to stop him.

In another part of the Technodrome, Splinter had found the retromutogen gun! Just as he was about to grab it, it disappeared. Shredder was behind Splinter and laughed. The retromutogen gun had just been a hologram! Suddenly Shredder made some holograms of himself and challenged Splinter to try and fight him. Splinter easily found the real Shredder and kicked him hard. Shredder said that if Splinter wanted the retromutogen gun, he'd have to beat the Shredder!

In the portal room, Krang was just about to open the portal when the Turtles arrived. Krang laughed and said that this would be the perfect time to test his molecular amplification circuit. Just as the Turtles were thinking of what to do, Krang started growing! He grew bigger and bigger until he was as tall as the roof. Suddenly the Turtles knew exactly what to do. Run! They ran outside the Technodrome. and Krang continued to grow. He made a hole in the roof and climbed up to the surface. The Turtles followed.

At Baxter's lab, Donatello was still working. He was pumping helium into a huge balloon looking thing, and put it up on the roof.

Back in the Technodrome, Splinter and Shredder were still fighting. "You wretched rodent! I will see you dead!" Shredder roared. Splinter swung his walking stick and kicked Shredder. "You have forgotten all the lessons I taught you, Saki!" Splinter said, regret in his voice.

Outside, in the streets, Krang was getting ready to squash our heroes under his foot when a blimp floated by. The Turtles recognized the person... er, mutant, steering. "Donatello!" Don tossed a rope down and the Turtles climbed up. Krang tried swatting the blimp like a fly, but missed. Raphael and Michaelangelo took over steering while Don and Leo dropped down on Krang's shoulder. Seeing an open seam, they went inside.

Down below, April was getting out of the van with her camera. The sight of Krang had nearly made her sick, but it would sure make a good story!

Inside Krang's robot body, Don and Leo had found the chip that made Krang big. Donatello shattered it with his bo and the two brothers ran out as fast as they could. Krang was shrinking fast! Mike picked Leo and Don up in the blimp's glider and they landed on the ground. Krang, who was back to his normal size, shouted angrily, "No! I am Krang the all powerful! I have never been defeated!" The Turtles advanced on him. "That's 'cause you've never tangled with a turtles before, pal!"

Back in the Technodrome, Splinter and Shredder were still fighting. Suddenly a voice-- it almost sounded scared!-- came over the intercom, "Shredder, come quickly... I need you!" Shredder zapped Splinter with a laser and left him on the floor. He sneered. "Sorry... but I must bring our game to an early conclusion! Besides... you wouldn't have won anyway! Ha ha!" And with that, the Shredder ran out of the room, leaving Splinter groaning on the floor.

The Turtles were about to do some bodily harm to Krang when Shredder came running up. Leonardo gasped. "Uh-oh, here's comes the Shredder!" Leo said. "And he's got that retro-muto-thing-a-ma-bob with him!" "One wrong move and it's back to the pet store for us!" Don gulped. Shredder smiled and pointed the gun at the Turtles. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Splinter appeared and threw his walking stick at the gun, smashing it. "Master! That device was your only hope of regaining your human form!" Raphael protested. Splinter said that he had to do it to save them, and they happily agreed.

The Turtles and Splinter made it back to the Technodrome and headed to the portal room. Just as Krang's troops were about to come through the portal, Donatello rewired it. "Everybody... RUN!" He shouted. Splinter and the Turtles quickly obeyed. Once they were out, the Technodrome vanished. "What did you do, Donatello?" Leonardo asked. "I reversed the flow of the portal and it sucked itself into Dimension X!" Don answered. "Sure is handy having a mad scientist on our side!" Raphael joked.

In Dimension X, Krang was happily making plans to conquer his home world. Shredder protested, saying he wanted to conquer Earth. Krang smiled. "We're in Dimension X now, Saki... Here you take orders from me!"

Back in their sewer lair, the Turtles were relaxing in front of the tube watching April's nightly report. "The Turtles became heroes as they fought off an alien invasion," April said. "But who are they? Where did they come from? It is still a mystery. But I'll continue to update the exploits of these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. April O'Neil, Happy Hour News!" Michaelangelo grinned. "Rad, dudes! Now we can relax an' watch the some tube and forget about all the weirdness we just went through!" The Turtles agreed. The TV blared out, "Stay tuned for tonight's chiller thriller theater feature, 'The evil brain from Dimension X'!" The Turtles groaned loudly.

The End!

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