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TMNT 3: Manhattan Missions. It's zipped, and is 2.01mb.
Download Manhattan Missions

Other Downloads

MP3's, MIDI's, and WAV's

A HUGE selection of TMNT MP3's from the COOTShells Tour, the movies, the cartoon, and more.
Mikey's's Sounds of the Sewer

The entire Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour, and a few MP3's from the movies. [This site is rated PG] TMNT MP3's

A lot of WAV's from the cartoon
The Technodrome's WAV downloads

A few WAV's from the first two movies's WAV downloads

Movies and clips

A complete TMNT cartoon episode up for download. Not very good quality, but it's nice all the same.
X-Entertainment's "The Case of the Killer Pizzas" episode download.

Another complete TMNT cartoon episode for download. Quality isn't very good, but the sound is better.
X-Entertainment's "Enter: The Fly" episode download.

Two complete TMNT cartoon episodes featuring Usagi Yojimbo for download. TheShredder from Ninja Turtle Network donated the two episodes, so the quality and sound are good.
Usagi's "Usagi Yojimbo" and "Usagi Come Home" episode downloads

A HUGE selection of video clips from the first and second movie and the cartoon. The quality varies between the clips, but for the most part, it's pretty good.
Turtle Power's video clip downloads

A nice selection of clips from the cartoon.
The Technodrome's movie clips

A couple of clips from the Japanese Anime cartoon.'s movie clips

Two entire Japanese Anime cartoon episodes up for download.
Ninja Turtles' Network's Complete Anime episodes

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