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Archie Comics

Monthly Series

Read a short review of each issue!

Note: Look at the top left corner of each issue. There's a picture of Leo on each one, but the color keeps changing to the colors of the other Turtles. Has anyone else noticed that?

Issue #1: Return of the Shredder

Shortly after the Technodrome had been sucked into Dimension X, Shredder was already pleading to come back to destroy the Turtles. Krang agrees, but he had to detroy the Turtles by himself, without any help.

At Channel Six, April's boss is on her case about the Turtles. He's convinced they're a menace to society, and wants April to expose them. Of course, April won't do so, and sets out to prove they're heroes. And as if that's not enough, while Master Splinter is meditating, he declares that he senses Shredder is coming back.

Shredder goes to the "Slash for Cash Dojo" and recruits the students in his plan. He trains the young students and when they're ready, he has them dress up like the Turtles, call themselves the "Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang", and has them go on a crime spree in the city. On one of these sprees, April and Vernon were there the catch the action. They see the "turtle" robbers, but April refuses to believe the Turtles did it. Meanwhile, Shredder calls Krang and tell him his plan: to ruin the Turtles' reputation so they have to surface to clear their names. Krang yells that he wants results now, so Shredder is left with only one place to turn...

Issue #2: Return of the Shredder, Part II

Having nowhere else to turn, Shredder breaks Baxter Stockman out of jail and orders him to make a huge dirt-shoveling rat-catcher. At Channel Six, April's boss was reviewing a tape of the latest "Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang" robbery. He wants to run the tape on the eleven o'clock news, so as soon as April gets a spare minute, she calls the Turtles who come to Channel Six later. April shows them the tape, but they leave abruptly when April's boss and his girlfriend arrive.

In the Turtles lair, Splinter is abducted by a huge dirt-shoveling rat-catcher and driven off. The Turtles arrive later and follow the path the rat-catcher took, which leads them to a junkyard. The CNTG is there, and the Turtles make short work of them. They see a message Shredder left them, telling them to meet him at the "Slash for Cash Dojo". When the Turtles arrive there they see Splinter tied to the wall with a battering ram above his head. Just as Shredder is about to cut the rope and smash Splinter to bits, Baxter arrives with the rat-catcher to take care of the Turtles. The Turtles take care of him instead, wrecking the machine and causing it to go haywire. In the confusion, Shredder slices the rope anyway and runs off. The Turtles manage to get the machine under control and save Splinter in the nick of time.

April delivers the report that the entire "Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang" was a hoax, and the real Turtles were heroes. The Turtles sit at home watching the report, satisfied in a job well done.

Issue #3: The Incredible Shrinking Turtles

One seemingly peaceful day, when the Turtles were out practicing their jungle fighting techniques, they spotted a spaceship looking thing falling into to a lake. They dive in, and rescue the alien trapped inside. The alien is dying, but before he kicks the bucket, he tells the Turtles about the Eye of Sarnath, which broke into three fragments when his spaceship exploded. The possesser of all three fragments would have unlimited power. The little alien hands Don a tracker, which will lead them to the fragments. The alien vaporizes and our heroes head to find the Eye of Sarnath. It turns out the Shredder had been spying on the Turtles all that time, so he follows them.

The Turtles find the first fragment on a garbage barge, but then Shredder shows up and takes it. They engage in "clean" combat, to which the Turtles lose. Shredder holds up the first fragment and something strange happens. The Turtles starting shrinking! That was the power of the first fragment: it made things shrink. The Turtles barely escape becoming Ninja Turtle pancakes, and make it home.

Shredder calls Krang and tells him of the Eye of Sarnath, and how he shrunk the Turtles, but Krang doesn't believe him. Krang demands proof, so Shredder heads out to get him some. Once home, the Turtles explain everything to Splinter, who calls April for help. On April's way over, she sees the Empire State Building was actually shrinking! After the building was completely shrunk, Baxter Stockman, in disguise, comes to take the building away for "research". Once Shredder has the building is his hands, he calls Krang. Now he'll have all the proof he'll ever need!

Issue #4: The Incredible Shrinking Turtles, Part II

The Turtles enjoy being small since they can get more pizza that way... until they are flushed down the pipes by a water trickle. A snake tries to have a whack at them, but Leo stops it. Meanwhile, April and Splinter get stuck in traffic while trying to get to Shredder. And just then, Shredder was contacting Krang. Krang didn't care about the shrunken buildings, he wanted te Turtles as proof. Shredder is perplexed until Stockman comes up with a device that will find the Turtles. Shredder sends him out to find them. The Turtles are flushed out into the harbor, and into the hands of Stockman. He puts the TMNT in a jar and heads back to Shredder.

April and Splinter finally make it out of traffic and to Shredder's hideout. Inside, Shredder is about to crush the Turtles with a crowbar, but before he can, Splinter bolts in and starts fighting Shredder. April manages to find the fragment and returns the Turtles to their normal size. Just as Shredder starts getting the better of Splinter, the Turtles come to the rescue. But during the confusion Baxter gets the fragment and the villians get away.

The Turtles head home, watch April on the tube, and eat dinner. All is well.

Issue #5: Something Fishy Goes Down

It's July 3rd, and the guys are visiting an aquarium, listening to one of the workers tell them about Manta Rays. Before long, it was closing time, and the Turtles headed for home. In a submarine, in the harbor below, Shredder was getting a mouthful from Krang because he spilled a barrel of mutagen down in the sewers. Shredder changes the subject and says that he's planning on giving the New Yorkers a fourth of July they'll never forget.

The worker at the aquarium leaves, but not before patting the Manta Ray goodnight. He's investigating possible illegal pollition coming from the sewer. He sticks his hand down into a green ooze in the water, and then a large burst of water carries him out to sea. Meanwhile, Shredder is planning the destroy the Statue of Liberty with a torpedo, which just happens to be heading for the Turtles. They escape, jump aboard the sub, hear of the plans, manage to get into a fight with Bebop and Rocksteady, which resulted in a hole in the side of the submarine. Shredder escapes, while the Turtle swim out. Meanwhile, a shadow attaches some explosives to the sub. It talks to itself, saying it must save Liberty.

Just as Shredder thinks he's gonna make a clean getaway, the shadow comes into clear view. It's a huge Manta Ray-Mutant Man who calls himself Man Ray (later to be Ray Fillet). Shredder and Man Ray fight, and Man Ray ends up taking Shredder to the shore. Shredder escapes, and Ray gets back into the water because he was so tired. The Turtles watch him go, and wonder about who he is. They turn around to watch the wonderful Fourth of July fireworks.

Issue #6: Of Turtles and Stones and Mary Bones

Down in a bayou, a poor man named Jess sneaks into Mary Bones's, the witch, house. He steals her crystal ball and goes to New York. Once there, he "bumps" into on of the Turtles in disguse and drops the ball down the sewers. As soon as he finds it down in the sewers, Mary Bones appears. She explains that the ball wasn't just a gem, but a magical crystal capable of mutating animals. Mary Bones then uses the crystal to turn Jess into a mutant aligator, better known as Leatherhead.

Leatherhead chases after Mary, but she disapears. Leatherhead crashes into Shredder's sewer hideout, and Shredder lies to him, telling him that Mary Bones and the Turtles are evil and that they hold the key to returning him to human form. Leatherhead agrees to capture the Turtles.

The Turtles end up fighting Bebop, Rocksteady, and Leatherhead on an old bridge. Leatherhead, being confused with the two conflicting stories, Shredder's and the Turtles', he throws a fit. When his tail smacks against the old bridge, a part of it collapses on Leatherhead. As our heroes make an exit, Mary Bones appears and gives them a strange message and vanishes. Raphael looks around and notices something shocking...

Issue #7: Of Turtles and Stones and Mary Bones, Part II

The issue opens up with the Turtles being spit out of a giant cow head (Cudley the Cowlick). They look around to see an alien planet. The Turtle learn they have been kidnapped by intergalatic wrestling promoters Sling and Stump. To win a trip home, they must win at wrestling.

With no other choice, the Turtle agree. They are introduced to the other wrestlers, and are surprised to see Leatherhead is among them! The find out that Cudley had saved him from his deathly encounter with the bridge, and brought him there, to Stump Asteriod, to fight.

After alot, and I do mean alot, of wrestling, the Turtles end up victorious. Stump does as he had promised and has Cudley deliver the Turtles back to Earth.

Issue #8: Wild Things

The Turtles stand on the rooftop that Cudley the Cowlick dropped them on, they are attacked by a huge bat creature. He's Wing Nut, a bat-man, who is accompanied by his sidekick, Screwloose, who resembles a mosquito. Wing Nut breaks a skylight, and makes a run for it. The Turtles also leave, so they wouldn't be blamed for the shattered window. They head home, greet Master Splinter, and sit down to relax and watch April's report. They hear that all over the city, over 1,000 skylights had been broken. As April reports about the vandalism, she is interrupted by a live report about a blimp being attacked by a huge bat-like creature. Wing Nut slashes the blimp with a claw, and throws a rock into the TV camera. The Turtles can't stand it any longer, and go out to take care of their bat problem.

For some odd reason, the Turtles take their own blimp, and it is also destroyed by Wing Nut. They escape, and Wing Nut chases them. Eventually, the Turtles confront Wing Nut on a rooftop, and are surprised to find out that Wing Nut and Screwloose are actually a pair of aliens from a world that Krang destroyed. Wing Nut was the last of his race, and this drove the poor bat-boy insane. Wing Nut and Screwloose are searching the globe, seeking revenge against Krang. Wing Nut, being slightly deranged, believes that Krang is hiding behind a skylight, and is breaking every one he can find, in hopes of finding the evil brain.

Eager to continue his search, Wing Nut escapes, but is soon gobbled up by Cudley the Cowlick. When Cudley brought the Turtles home, she accidentally opened a dimensional portal which allowed Wing Nut to reach Earth. Cudley returns Wing Nut to Stump Asteroid, where she hopes they will find a home.

Issue #9: Codename: Chameleon

The Turtles are watching the tube when Splinter asks them to go out on patrol. After the Turtles leave, Master Splinter sits down to watch the news. April is reporting about a spy, aka the Chameleon, who stole some top secret weapons plans. Just then, the double agent is running from the police, weapon plans in hand. He escpaes down a sewer, and runs into both the Turtles and Bebop and Rocksteady. Rocksteady grabs the agent, and just as the Turtles are going to save him, a Foot Soldier appears riding a robotic vehicle with fists. While the Turtles try to disarm the thing, Bebop and Rocksteady escape with the Chameleon.

Bebop and Rocksteady bring the agent to Shredder, who wants the stolen plans, but Chameleon hid them in the sewer, so he doesn't have them. Shredder demands to know where the plans are, so Chameleon offers to sell them to him. This angers Shredder, so he brings out a real live chameleon and a spray can of mutagen, explaining that if Chameleon doesn't hand over the plan, Shredder would mutate him into a real chameleon. Chameleon agrees, and tells Shredder where he his the plan. Bebop and Rocksteady rush off to get the plans, and Shredder, being the villian that he is, mutates Chameleon anyway. But once he's mutated, Chameleon changes his colors and escapes.

Meanwhile, Don is working on the weird Foot vehicle when Bebop and Rocksteady rush in, firing their guns. They each head for cover, and a shoot-out takes place. The Turtles thrpw their Shurikens, and Bebop and Rocksteady fire their lasers. Chameleon arrives at the shoot-out because that's where he hid the plans, and he gets Rocksteady and Bebop to fire at him, causing a cave-in above them. Bebop and Rocksteady are saved by hiding under the Foot vehicle, but before the debris hits the floor, Chameleon retrieves the plans from their hiding place escapes. With the tunnel sealed off, the Turtles leave, thinking that Bebop and Rocksteady were killed. The Turtles get home just in time to see April's report: the stolen weapons plans were mysteriously returned with a note saying, "Some thing are not worth profiting from."

Issue #10: Going Down?

Bebop and Rocksteady are dumping toxic waste into the sewers, and the toxic waste seems to have had some very weird effects to a large planarian worm swimming in the sewers. In their sewer lair, the Turtles are having a discussion about recent events, and ask Master Splinter's advice. The Turtles are troubled, and decided to do something to stop Krang instead of just waiting for him to do something else. Splinter recommends they start with Shredder, who is their best lead to Krang. Raphael is again dressed in the his all-black wrestling costume from issue #7, and he gets Splinter to agree to him wearing it.

Meanwhile, in Shredder's hideout, an exterminator arrives to get rid of Shredder's roach problem. Shredder leaves and calls Krang on his vid screen. Krang has something planned--he's looking for something--and Shredder wants in on it. Back in the main room, the exterminator is busy chasing roaches, when he slips in a room full of mutagen, and falls into the sewers...

The Turtles arrive where Shredder hid his sub (Issue #5), only now the sub is missing. They head down a tunnel that has led to Shredder before, unaware that a huge planarian worm mutant thing is following them. The Turtles continue down the pipe, and end up running into a giant mutated roach-man! The exterminator got exposed to mutagen and has been turned into a monster... much like the worm mutant directly in front of them.

The monsters battle over who gets to kill the Turtles, and they break a gas line and a fuse box, which causes a deadly combination of natural gas and electric sparks. The Turtles realize this danger and huddle together, using their shells for protection against the large...


The explosion seems to have eradicated the two beasts, and the Turtles' shells saved them from harm. As they look at the damage, they notice that there are suddenly alotta rats around...

Issue #11: White Light

Bebop and Rocksteady, still trapped beneath the Foot vehicle and rubble, notice a weird smell... and a bright light... and we see four alien creatures. Meanwhile, the Turtles have gotten a bit disoriented from the blast in the last issue. They head down a tunnel where the rats are streaming from, as the think it will take them home. The Turtles continue, the rats start swarming around them, and just as they decide to kick some rat butt, a strange man dressed in tatters comes into view, and he calls himself the Rat King.

Eventually, Rat King tells the Turtles where to find Shredder, and the Turtles follow his directions, finally ending up where Bebop and Rocksteady were buried. They are surprised to see that Bebop and Rocksteady were removed by something very powerful. The Turtles continue on, looking for Shredder, and run into a Super Foot Soldier, and barely escape with their lives. They find an open manhole cover and make it to the surface. They find themselves in Shredder's hideout, but as they go closer, they are ambushed by 5 aliens and then held in suspended animation. Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady gloat over their victory.

Back in the bayou, we see old Mary Bones watching the events through her crystal ball, the powerful crystal called "The Turnstone". She is upset to see Krang on Earth, and she wonders how he got control of the alien she calls "The Sons of Silence". Using the Turnstone, she reverts to her true form, decides to leave, and as she disappears, she states that she will not be leaving alone, and we see the Turtles disappear from Krang's grasp! Krang says that Mary, the Turnstone, and the Turtles have returned to Dimension X, so the villains head for Dimension X in their spaceship.

Issue #12: The Lost World

Mary Bones, the Turnstone, the Turtles, Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady have arrived in Dimension X, but in different places. The Turtles, Mary, and the Turnstone are on the surface of a desolate planet. Mary Bones, still transformed, explains that that was her true form, her true name is Cherubae, and she was once a Warlord like Krang. She has the Turnstone and Krang wants it, so she asks the Turtles to help her stop Krang and save Earth. Cherubae flies up to Krang's spaceship, and is defeated by him. She is knocked unconscious, and she drops the Turnstone.

The Turtles decide it's up to them to retrieve the Turnstone, and as they hurry off to find it, the Sons of Silence teleport out of Krang's ship and circle around Cherubae. Krang sends Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady to look for the Turnstone, and he flies off to talk to a queen of an vile insect-like race. Krang offers to tell the queen, Maligna, how to find Earth (to feed off of) if she'd help him get the Turnstone. She agrees.

As Shredder and his mutant side-kicks race the Turtles to find the Turnstone, Cudley the Cowlick shows up and offers the Turtles a deal. Stump wants them to wrestle on his show again, and if they do this, Cudley will give the Turtles some allies in their hunt. The Turtles quickly agree, and so she spits out Wingnut, Screwloose, Leatherhead, and a new guy named T-Rap. Just as the Turtles plan to start their search again, Maligna's troops show up!

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