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Turtle Music

Label:SBK Records
This Is What We Do -- M.C. Hammer
Spin That Wheel -- Hi Tek 3
Family -- Riff
9.95 -- Spunkadelic
Turtle Power -- Partners In Kryme
Let The Walls Come Down -- Johnny Kemp
Every Heart Needs A Home -- St. Paul
Shredder's Suite -- John Du Prez
Splinter's Tale I -- John Du Prez
Splinter's Tale II -- John Du Prez
Turtle Rhapsody -- Orchestra On The Half-Shell


Label: SBK Records
Awesome (You Are MY Hero) -- Ya Kid K
Ninja Rap -- Vanilla Ice
Find The Key To Your Life -- Cathy Dennis and David Morales
Moov! -- Tribal House
(That's Your) Consciousness -- Dan Hartman
This World -- Magnificent VII
Creatures of Habit -- Spunkadelic
Back to School -- Fifth Platoon
Cowabunga -- Orchestra On The Half-Shell
Tokka & Rahzar: The Monster Mix -- Orchestra On The Half-Shell


Label: SBK Records
Year: 1993
Tarzan Boy -- Baltimora
Can't Stop Rockin' -- ZZ Top
Rockin' Over The Beat -- Technotronic
Conga -- The Barrio Boyzz
Tarzan Boy (Remix) -- Baltimora
Turtle Jam -- Psychedelic Dust
Fighter -- Definition of Sound
Yoshi's Theme -- John Du Prez and Ocean Music
Turtle Power -- Partners in Kryme
Rockin' Over the Beat -- Technotronic


Label: MCA
Coming Out of Our Shells
Sing About It
Skipping Stones
Pizza Power
Walk Straight
No Treaties
April Ballad
Count On Us

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