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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions that aren't answered here. If I don't know, I'll try my best to find out for you.

Why are you making a TMNT fan page if there are already so many?
I spend alotta time surfing TMNT fan sites, and there's one thing none of them seem to have; complete information. So that's what I'll be trying to do here. Plus, of course, all the goodies a good fandom site needs. ^_^ But, my stuff will be coming in little by little, and won't be quite complete for awhile. (It's quite leaky right now!) ^_^

What made you choose this domain name?
Heh heh. It was the only good domain name left. ^_^

What's up with this so called CGI TMNT film?
Way back in June of last year, announced there would be a Mirage Studios/John Woo CGI (Computer Graphics Imaging) TMNT movie, new show, and possibly a mini-series. Then, in September, Peter Laird released a statment, saying that the show wouldn't be CGI, but cel animated. From what I understand, the CGI movie is still in the works. It should be released in theaters in about 4 years. A little too long to wait? The new TMNT cartoon will debut in the FoxBox on Fox Saturday mornings this winter. And also be sure to pick up a copy of the new comic book by Peter Laird and Jim Lawson. That'll tide you over 'till the movie. You can read the official press release, Peter's statement, and info on the new cartoon here

I heard that pizza and cowabunga, the Turtles' trademarks, won't be making an appearance in the new projects. Is this true?
Peter wants pizza and cowabunga toned down, but they're not gone forever. In fact, in the new cartoon's theme, the Turtles yell "cowabunga"! Peter just doesn't want cowabunga and pizza to be like in the old cartoon where they were really over used. Don't worry, cowabunga and pizza will still be making appearances, just not quite as often as before. And I'm fine with that.

Why does Peter want the Turtles to be "darker"?
He wants to return the Turtles to the way they were in the original comic books. This means toning down pizza, cowabunga, and most of the surfer slang. Peter said that in the cartoon they really went overboard with pizza and cowabunga, making them silly.

Are there any new TMNT games planned?
A series of 'next-generation' video games, meaning games for Xbox, Playstation2, GameCube and such, are planned, and will come out if the cel series is a hit.

Are the new projects going to feature Venus DeMilo?
No, no, and uh, NO! In the words of the great Peter Laird, "Rest assured, as long as I am alive and in charge of this ship of Turtles, Venus DeMilo, the female Turtle, will NEVER again appear in any Mirage-approved TMNT project, unless it is a book about the history of the TMNT property and it is necessary to refer to her as an undeniable part of that history. She is GONE." I couldn't have said it better myself, Peter. ^_^

Do you know where I can get TMNT comics, books, tapes, and toys?
I wish I did. Turtle stuff is really hard to find these days. eBay has alotta stuff, while and also have a limited supply. TMNT cartoon and movie tapes can be found at,, eBay,, and lots of others. A good place to find TMNT comics is at your local comic book store, comic convention, or even comic book websites such as You can also buy a limited supply of comics directly from Also, I've found lots of stuff at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other thrift shops. The toys are the hardest to find. Your best bet on this one is eBay, thrift shops, or even websites devoted to action figures and toys. If you still can't find something you want, you can place an ad on Hopefully, if the Turtles become a 'hot' item again, Turtle stuff will be easier to find.

Can you help me find Turtle stuff?
I can't send you stuff, but I might know where you can get it. It really depends on what it is. You can e-mail me and ask, but I dunno if I can help.

I heard there was a 'lost' TMNT game. What is it?
The 'lost' TMNT game is Manhattan Missions. (not to be confused with The Manhattan Project on NES) Manhattan Missions is for PC, so that's why most people don't even know it exists. Even doesn't have this game listed on their games page. Which is too bad, it's an awesome game. The beginning movie is really cool. I'm actually working on a animation of the opening movie of Manhattan Missions, but it won't be done for awhile. And now you can download Manhattan Missions from me. Click here to go to the downloads page.

Some of your graphics, pictures, and logos are pretty cool. Can I use them for my site?
The pictures, like boxshots and comic covers, are okay to use, they're not mine even though I scanned most of them in. But do not use my other graphics, GIFs, logos, and animations. It took me a long time to make them all.

Parts of your site say 'coming soon', but haven't. What's up?
I'll try to add a new part of the site every week, but I really dunno. There'll always be one part that'll be last, but hopefully that's not the part you're waiting for. ^_^ I guess it depends when I get around to it, but if you really need some info, I can try to speed up the process.

I sent you an e-mail a few days ago, and I still haven't gotten a reply. Why not?
I update the site once a week on Saturday. That's probably when I'll do most of the mail too. If you still haven't gotten a response after a week, I may not have gotten your e-mail. Even if it takes awhile, I will reply.

Your site gives me pop-ups sometimes. Why?
Pop-ups are extremely annoying, even though these only come up half the time. I'm trying to find a way to get rid of them, so hopefully they'll be gone soon.

Do you have a question you think should be in the FAQ? Tell me about it!
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