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I got two emails this morning concerning the Manhattan Missions game. One asked about the controls, while another was having trouble installing the game. Well, there were no return addresses in either of the emails, so I assumed they had forgotten to put their addresses in the form. But just to be safe I tried sending myself a test email, remembering the put my address and subject in the form, but it came to my inbox without a subject or address. So obviously the form isn't working.

For now, until I can get the form working again, email me here: . Will Mike and the guy asking about the controls please email me again? Thanks.


I've been wanting to give you guys some cool downloads for some time, and I decided I'd finally do it today.

The PC TMNT game, Manhattan Missions, is nearly impossible to find online, and it's one of my favorite TMNT games. Since it's no longer supported by the makers, you can't buy it anywhere, and it's old, it is considered Abandonware, which is legal to download. Now, unless the IDSA comes to my door and tells me to take it down, it will stay up till the end of time... or at least as long as the site stays up. ^_^

And now, what you've all been waiting for! *drumroll* You can now download TMNT 3: Manhattan Missions on the Downloads page or the Games page! Enjoy!

If you have any problems downloading/running the program, Email me, and I'll try to fix it. I'll be out of town from July 12 to around August 1, so any emails I get within that time won't be answered until I get back.


I got a email on Sunday with no name and no return address. Since I have no where to send it, I'll briefly answer it here. You can find the TMNT Sega Genesis and PC games on's Zshops, Ebay,, and many others. If you want ROMs for these games, you can get the Genesis ones from Vimm's Lair ( ) but there's nearly no where to find the PC games online. And speaking of the PC games, I've been thinking about putting TMNT: Manhattan Missions up for download here, and I think now's a good time to do it. So this Saturday I'll upload Manhattan Missions, which will be roughly 2mb. Look for it on the Games page on Saturday, July 6!


Have you ever wondered what looked like when it first started? Or how looked last year? Well you can stop wondering. I found out about an awesome site (through called the Internet Archive. It's got archives of all kinds of sites going back until 1996. You can see all the transformations the official website has been through, and believe me, there are a bunch. While they don't keep archives of all the different downloads that have been taken down over the years, (no, they don't have the complete episodes from Ninja Turtles Network. I checked. ^_^) it's still majorly cool to step back in time and see all your favorite sites--even before they were your favorites. Check it out! Visit the "Way Back Machine" at the Internet Archive

The review for Raphael #1: "Me, Myself, and I" is up on the Mirage Micro Series page, and I updated the Links page.


Not a whole lot of news this week. The new TV series is going well, and characters that will definitely be appearing are: the four original Turtles (no Venus! Yay!), Master Splinter, April O'Neil, Casey Jones, The Shredder, The Foot, and Baxter Stockman. There will be many more, but they're saving them as a surprise. =O) The next issue of the new TMNT comic has been delayed, but it should be out around June 26 or so. The games contracts haven't been worked out yet, but there will be some news next month. And as for the proposed cold cast statues of the TMNT, they're doing really well. The first one will be Leonardo, and will be released at this year's San Diego Comic Con. They'll cost between $100-150, and will have a very limited release. If you're a hard-core TMNT collector, you should check those statues out!

As for the update, I wrote the first four reviews on the Mirage page. The first one is a bit longer than usual, but since it's the first issue ever, I think it's worth it. =O)


Sorry I'm so late this week, but I was attacked by the Virus That Never Dies. Then, just as I thought it was over, it was Attack of the Virus That Never Dies: the Sequel. =O) Anyway, here's a small update.

I've finished the last three reviews on the Monthly Archie page, "Going Down?", "White Light", and "The Lost World". I've also updated the Links page with descriptions and ratings of each site.


The CGI TMNT movie is making progress, which only makes us fans more eager to see it. John Woo, who is going to be directing it, said in an interview with that they are "starting with a story", but we're not sure if the story is finished, or if they're still writing it. John Woo says he is also interested in making a TV series based on the movie. How will that work out if the new cartoon is still on the air? I don't know, but it sounds mega cool anyway. =O) To read the article, click here

The review for "Codename: Chameleon" is up on the Monthly Archie page, and I updated the Links page.


I got an email yesterday with no return email address and no name. So, since I have no where to send it, I'll briefly answer it here.

The four TMNT mini-storybooks, A Visit to Stump Asteroid, written by Astrid Holm and illustrated by S. Herbert, School Daze, written by Astrid Holm and illustrated by Franc Mateu, The Final Lesson, written by Astrid Holm and illustrated by Franc Mateu, and The First Battle, written by Crystal D. Herman and illustrated by Larry Daste, were published by Random House around 1990. I'll put a page up about the storybooks and books, but not until after I finish the Archie and Mirage comics, and a small page about the COOTShells Tour.


Finally, after alot of waiting, TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze and TMNT III are being released on DVD by New Line. The first movie will be re-released, so all three will hit shelves on September 3, 2002, and will retail for $14.98 each.

And in other news, Dan Berger reported in the latest TMNT newsletter that Gary Richardson, (the CEO of Mirage) has just returned from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) with promising news about future TMNT video games. A new game is going be underway between June 10-14, but the software company and the platforms haven't been announced.

The review for "Wild Things" is up on the Monthly Archie page.

MAY 25

I got back from my vacation only to hear that has officially changed Michaelangelo's name. It is now "officially" Michelangelo. You know, it took fans long enough to learn how to spell it right, and now we gotta remember to spell it without the a. I, for one, am not gonna do it. Mikey is, and forever will be, Michaelangelo.

And in other news, TMNT #1 has been named #5 on the top ten list of hottest selling comic books. The price for the first issue has doubled, because it is now officially sold out. So if you still haven't gotten a chance to grab a copy of the TMNT #1, you'd better do it soon!

I guess that's it, since I'm not doing any reviews this week. I was planning on doing them, but I got in late, and didn't get a chance to write them. I'll have some next week, though.

Oh yes, and one other thing. Does anyone have the rules/directions/instructions for the 1990 Heroes in a Half Shell card game? I've had some questions about it, so if anyone has them, could they please type them up (or just tell me basically how to play it) and send them to me? Thanks.

MAY 11

This is an exciting day in TMNT-land! just released the official press release on the new TMNT cartoon. Here's a bit to whet your appetite:

"NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--May 7, 2002-- 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE - news) and Mirage Licensing, Inc., the holder of the rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, announced today that 4Kids will produce twenty-six (26) episodes of a new animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series. The new Ninja Turtles series is scheduled to premiere in the first quarter of 2003 on the Fox Saturday Morning Block programmed by 4Kids. In addition to producing the television series, 4Kids will also serve as the exclusive merchandise licensing agent for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property worldwide."

There you have it! The cartoon will air on the Fox Saturday Morning block, which is good for alot of fans, since more have Fox than the WB channel. And there's more. A new line of action figures are on the way, to be released around when the cartoon comes out. And if you can stand any more good news, the Turtles don't seem to have lost any of their humor or character. Their new catch phrase is "SBKNA"--which stands for "Serious Butt-Kicking Ninja Action". So everyone's pretty confident that the head writer (Lloyd Goldfine) knows his stuff.

To read the entire press release, click here or here

I'm going to be out of town next weekend, so this is kind of a double update. I've written three reviews for the Monthly Archie page, "Something Fishy Goes Down", "Of Turtle Stones and Mary Bones", and "Of Turtle Stones and Mary Bones, Part II". I also updated the Downloads page with links to two complete TMNT episodes featuring Usagi Yojimbo, and over 20 video clips from the first and second movie and the cartoon.


I hate to do this, I really do, but I don't have much of a choice. Note to madspy2000: All of the replies I'm sending to you are bouncing back to me as undeliverable; you have blocked me.

Now, as for the update, I've written the reviews for "The Incredible Shrinking Turtles" and "The Incredible Shrinking Turtles, Part II". They're up on the Monthly Archie page.


TMNT #3 was released this week, so check it out at your local comic book store if you haven't already! hasn't put up any information on the new comic yet (scanner problems), but when they do, you'll find it here

I put up the reviews for "Return of the Shredder" and "Return of the Shredder, Part II" on the Monthly Archie page and fixed the icons on the Profiles page so they're not so grainy.


I wrote the review for the Michaelangelo #1 comic, and it's up on the Turtles' Micro Series page. Michaelangelo #1 was the first Mirage comic I ever got, and it will remain one of my favorites.

I also fixed some problems on the Monthly Archie page, and I think I'll do some reviews next week. I do reviews of the comics as I get them in, so that's why the reviews vary between the different comics genres each week. I also think I'll start doing at least two reviews a week so there's more to read.


My local library has a nice collection of TMNT tapes which no one ever borrows (shame on them!) and the library is constantly getting new videos, so they sell the ones that don't get lent out. Since it's months until the next sale, I asked the library lady to keep an eye out for any Turtle videos. She replied with, "Especially Teenage Ninja Mutant ones, huh?" Ah, how well people know me...

Okay, now for the update. I revamped the Mirage Comics page and added a page for the Turtles' Micro Series. I've also got pages for the Movie Adaptations and the Tales of the TMNT comics, but I haven't finished them yet. For right now I'll work on some reviews on the Turtles' Micro Series and the Original Mirage comics.


The Archie Mini-Series page is finally finished! The last review is up on the Archie Mini Series page. Like all the others, it's very long. I try to summarize the best I can, but something exciting happens every couple of panels, and I just have to write it down. =O) My next project will be the Monthly Archie Series, but since I don't have all of them (yet) it'll be coming along very slowly. I may do a Mirage review in between Archie ones, but I dunno.


A week or so ago I found out that the Big Lots store near me had an old stock of TMNT cartoon tapes they wanted to get rid of. By the time I finally got there, they only had two left, Heroes In A Half-Shell, and Turtles at the Earth's Core. They were brand new, still in the shrink wrap, and were only $2 each. The clerk said other Big Lots were doing the same thing, so check out your local one and there's no telling what you may find!

The review for Chapter Four is up on the Archie Mini Series page. I didn't do the whole review this week, but it'll be finished by next week.


I recently found out that someone at The TMNT Connection copied my dripping ooze logo, some profile buttons, and one of my animated GIFs without permission. I've said it in the FAQ, but I'll say it again; Pictures (comic covers, game boxes, movie posters, etc.) are okay to use, but do not use my graphics, animated GIFs, and logos. I made them myself, and it took me a long time.

On a lighter note, the next review is up on the Archie Mini-Series page. It's pretty long, but I added a little speech every now and then to liven it up a bit.


The Archie Movie Adaptations page is completely finished, with reviews, cover scans, and page scans.

I finally got rid of the banner and text on the frame, but unfortunately that meant sacrificing the frame itself. I spent most of the week adding a table to the site and a Navigation Bar onto that. I'll be constantly working on the table to make it better, but I needed to just get this rough draft up. My next project is the Archie Mini-Series, and I'll try to have some more reviews up by next week.


The Games page has been updated with a cool review of the SNES Tournament Fighters written by Cabbage, and I tried a new script on the Contact page.

Also, as you can probably tell, I had to cut off some parts of the navigation bar because Tripod added some text to it. I'll be trying to fix it in time for next week's update. Don't worry though, the revamped Comics page will hopefully be out next week too.


There's been a lot of talking about the new TMNT comic series. For one thing, the Turtles are now in their 20's, which, for me at least, takes all the fun out of it. But for the most part, the new comics are a smash hit with the fans.

Now, for those of you who don't like the age-change in the Turtles, I found out that even though the Turtles are grown-ups in the new comic series, the new cartoon series will feature totally teenage Turtles.


The second issue of the TMNT comic is out! The first issue sold like hotcakes, so hopefully the second one will do just as well. Click here for more information.

The Links page has been updated.


I put a review up on the Archie Mini-Series page. The review is kinda long, but worth the effort. I couldn't leave a "read the book yourself and find out what happens" on a three part mini-series, because as soon as you read the next issue's review, you'll know what happened. I gave a complete chapter-by-chapter review instead, and quite enjoyed writing it. I'll put some page scans in too, if I get a public outcry to do so.

Also, for those of you who were referred by search engines, the frame on the left may or may not work. The site is pretty hard to navigate without it. Going to the main address ( instead of the others (i.e. should solve the problem. I'm trying to fix the navigation frame so it'll come up even if you use a search engine. Hopefully I'll get that fixed soon.


The updates will be small for awhile so I can revamp the Comics pages. I'm also trying to dig up some interviews for the site, which will be really cool. Hopefully I can have some of the Comics page ready by next week. Only time will tell.


This morning while I was watching Saturday morning TV, a TMNT anti-drug commercial came on. The first part seemed to be cut off, but the Turtles got a good "cowabunga" in before it ended. Either we've got a fellow fan at Disney, or somebody was asleep at the controls. =O)

The cover of the first TMNT comic is up on the Mirage Comics page and the FAQ has been revised.


I've put the Games section through a complete over-haul this week. Now almost all the reviews are up, the screenshots for the Arcade games have been added, and I put a nifty little navigation bar thing up. Check it out on the Games page.

I also put the comic book scans of the TMNT 2 Archie adaptation on the Archie Movie Adaptations page. I was going to write a review for it, but the Games section took longer than I expected.

JANUARY 19 is now offering a TMNT mailing list! It will tell ya about all the new stuff going on with the comics, movie, and show. And you'll also hear it 3-4 days before it's posted on the site. Who could ask for more? Read about it here

I updated the Downloads section and went out and got a guestbook for the site. It took me awhile, but I decided to make everything easy and go with the Tripod one. So check out the guestbook that's below the site map.


The pictures on the TMNT TV page now load 99.9% faster. I noticed that they were extremely slow, and checked it out. I thought I saved them as JPGs, but I accidentally saved them in BMP format. I have no idea how I could have missed that, but at least it's fixed now. It's kinda like when you get a new game and the sound isn't working, and you make a big deal out of it and then realize that your speakers are off, or something like that. =O) Well, anyway, the pictures are faster and better on the TMNT TV page.


The new TMNT comic book is out! Written/inked/lettered/edited by Peter Laird and penciled by Jim Lawson, it's just gotta be awesome. I've yet to go out and pick up a copy, but I'll do it soon. Show your support and go out and get a copy from your local comic book store!

Info on the movie soundtracks and the COOTShells Tour tape is up on the TMNT Music page, and I added that nifty little site map below. I'm not gonna have enough room on the navbar for any more parts of the site, so new parts will probably go down there.


Welcome to Pizza Power, a site devoted to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, their friends, foes, and creators. Be sure to check out the Turtles' Origin Story, the Profiles, the Downloads, and the FAQ. And be sure to contact me with any comments, criticisms, or questions. I'm sorry about the mangled frame on the left. I guess I've got some haggling to do with Tripod...

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